Facilitated Sessions

Foundations of JEDI: Part 1 & 2

Participants learn about Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion tenets. They will understand JEDI in the
context of their industry historically and institutionally. They will learn about the JEDI pillars, Racial
Equity and Justice, Distributing Leadership and Shifting Power, and Accountability. There will be
opportunities to assess themselves and their organization and discuss frameworks for equitable
practices in their industry.

Courageous Conversations about Racism

Participants discuss the pandemic of Racism. They navigate their ability to be human with each other
and their collective humanity. In the session, they practice various communication strategies to build
skills for healthy dialogue. They will explore the different aspects of allyship.
Micro Behaviors Workshop

Participants explore the different types of Micro Behaviors and the impact of these behaviors. In this
session learners gain a better understanding of their roles during acts of micro behaviors. Skills are built
as the person performing the micro behavior, experiencing it (the target) and the witness (upstander).
The intent of this session is to gain a better understanding and skill building to mitigate and address Micro behaviors.
Ouch and Oops Campaign
When navigating the organizational playing field, members of the organization often need tools for communicating their missteps. The ouch and oops campaign aim to bring awareness and language to
challenging moments between staff members. Participants will practice generative dialogue and learn how to communicate when observing or engaging in micro behaviors.
Bias Awareness Workshop
Participants learn skills navigating bias as the person acting on the bias, impacted by biases, and the witness of practices, policies, and procedures affected by bias. Learners will explore the impact biases have on culture, the workforce, clients, and the marketplace. The tool is grounded in mindfulness, lean thinking, and emotional intelligence traits associated with humanistic behaviors. The underpinning for this work is empathy and honesty.

Leaning Into Discomfort – Cohort Series
A series of 6 to 8 sessions covering JEDI and anti-racism. Upon completing the series, participants will improve their cultural dexterity and personal understanding of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. They will practice generative dialog and enhance emotional intelligence when engaging with racialized bodies. Understanding historical context, personal accountability, and psychological safety are vital for connecting to their humanity and growth. The series aims to inspire cultural transformation and
upstander practices.