Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety Scan – organizations and teams
In collaboration with Professor Amy C. Edmondson, we have developed The Fearless Organization Scan. This scan maps how team members perceive the level of psychological safety in their closest context. To improve team performance, it helps to know the Psychological Safety levels in your team, as this is a critical predictor of how your team will learn and work together. By improving the level of psychological safety, you significantly increase the likelihood of team success. 

Open conversation Session 

If you improve the quality of your conversations, the quality of your outcomes will increase exponentially. The ability to bring up tough issues and how they are dealt with in conversation are a key component of psychological safety. 

Willingness To Help and Teaming Session 

Willingness to help is instrumental for effective teaming. With the absence of this factor, a team risks operating in an ineffective and fragmented way. Low willingness to help may correlate with people burning out, as they may feel that they are unsupported. Teams will discuss needs, requests and how to navigate them. 

Attitude to Risk & Failure Session 

A constructive attitude to risk and failure is crucial for building high-performing teams that are at the same time not overly risk-taking. High-performing teams build a balance between assuming risk and achieving success from this perspective. It can only be struck when a team can foster a true feedback culture. 

Inclusivity & Diversity Session 

Teams that have values and display behaviors which foster inclusion can best leverage the benefits of diversity, so the order of inclusion and diversity is a deliberate choice here. Without inclusion, diversity will not add to traction, it may even lead to toxic behavior and “us” versus “them” dynamics.