Angelique Francis

Angelique Francis has over thirty years of experience in various aspects of entertainment, communication training and empowerment. B.Loved Entertainment, an impact media company, is known for its unique utilization of projective techniques, role play, improvisation, story-telling and therapeutic “play” to create a positive, communicative environment, promoting equity, inclusion, personal development and team bonding. Her driving goal is to minimize conflict resolution, foster respectful empathy, thru transformation  engagement and therapeutic  play to increase  emotional and cultural intelligence.  “

Here are some quotes or testimonials:

Angelique is a remarkable motivator and creative force that transforms lives.”

Angelique is compassionate and highly effective while working with individuals in telling their authentic stories through personal narratives, while tapping into their strengths to build resilience, perspective and restoration.”

Angelique Francis is a gifted and passionate, creative force whose empathy for her audience and mastery of her subject matter makes for a sweet and deeply meaningful experience, EVERY time.”