"Our organization is about
removing barriers that hinder
people, organizations, and
communities from thriving. ”
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Courage to Care is a full-service management consulting firm focused on cultivating Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in organizations. Emphasizing these four principles, we create ecosystems that foster a sense of belonging, while simultaneously addressing behaviors that lead to “othering,” the alienating or exclusionary behaviors that impede belonging. Our mission is to preserve and protect the inherent humanity that holds people, organizations and communities together, and remove the barriers that hinder their advancement.

Community Focus


Our work with youth is about increasing self-awareness to address the landscape of concerns our youth must face. It is about creating thriving communities in school. We offer student age- appropriate life skills to support themselves and others. It’s about the whole child.

Leadership & Organizations

We engage in a dialogue with organizations and leaders from the perspective of understanding the power and influence they have with their employees, stakeholders and communities. This body of work is all about the legacy one wants to leave behind, increasing self-awareness and
mining the gap between intent and impact.

Law Enforcement/1st Responders

This is a deep dive into criminology and the phrase “protect and serve”: We offer a safe and healthy space to connect with the “why” of policing and the “how” work gets done. This is about true “protecting and serving” the community in a way that all 1st responders are caring for themselves and the community in a way that is healthy and uplifting for themselves and the community at large.