Data Analytics

Organizational Assessments 

A holistic approach covering qualitative and quantitative data using focus groups, equity audit and organizational survey. 

  • Internal documents related to practices, policies and procedures will be requested for analysis. 
  • A report detailing the findings, programmatic review, themes, notable comments, barriers, enablers, recommendations, and strategic roadmap is completed. 
  • Usually followed by JEDI Strategic planning. 

Belonging Survey  

Administered for the entire organization or departments and measures: 

  • Internal – attract and retain people. 
  • External – listen to and serve society. 
  • Foundational – drive the strategy. 
  • Bridging – align and connect. 

Equity Audit 

Evaluation of fairness of an institution’s policies, programs, and practices. Such audits representation significant investment in resources – human and material. 

Focus Groups and Key Informant Interviews 

Protected time affinity groups lead to a deeper understanding of the varying dynamics within the organization while JEDI is at play. Focus groups leave space for understanding and perspective- taking. Then, with skilled facilitation, respondents’ attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences, and reactions are drawn upon to understand the lived experiences of team members. 

JEDI Strategic Planning 

StrategicplanningwithCouragetoCareandKeystakeholderswithintheorganization. Plan created that addresses Racial Equity & Justice, Distributing Leadership & Shifting Power, Accountability in the context of the organization. The report from the organizational assessment informs the planning.